What does Ukraine warn you about your finances

As tensions come to a boiling point in Ukraine, domestically, there are many financial questions we need to ask ourselves right now, not just why is the it so expensive at the pump. Will the market rebound? What assets are safest in the volatile period? At large, the market seems to favor crypto as a de facto standard for a market hedger. Crypto prices make a rise as much of the market continues to fall. However, bitcoin remains below 40,000, which is unsurprising as a period of realization and stabilization hits the coin head on from the outrageous heights it saw 6 months prior before a steady fall. Now, since crypto seems to be a safer asset compared to most, what are the best looking as of right now? Solana, Ethereum, and Ripple are recovering after the tremendous recent losses. Solana continues to show its security is suspect, as well as Ethereum in their recent debacle. Ripple still is without clear answers from the S.E.C. leaving all these giants unsafe, despite where the market is currently headed. Altcoins, the derivatives of bitcoin, and bitcoin itself, are also bound to eat more losses. Even if the retracement levels bitcoin around 40,000 there doesn’t seem to be any reason it should gain anywhere above this as people realize the inefficiency of blockchain technology bitcoin operates on compared to the newer players. This does not mean bitcoin is destined to fail, as I would liken it to something comparable to gold, and asset valued for the sake of its social impact. Ukraine will only continue to boil before we see any simmering and with this in mind, be careful with investments and make sure to stay up to date with the news and financial data!

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