Why we are going into a economic depression

For anyone who knows about the terrible subprime mortages responsible for much of financial crisis of 2008, you know that banks will stop at nothing to make a profit. Where there is money and greed, there are scammers and a too good to be true touch of evil. The current student debt situation is a perfect example of this. Raising inflation killing the middle class has and will continue to ruin the spending power of the dollar. Jobs, which are hard to comeby as it is, will slowly lose their already weak capability to pay back this massive debt. People accept this as the norm, college in many ways is truly a Ponzi Scheme. What happens when students realize they cannot pay their debt, the the cut of time and financial burden isn’t worth it, not to mention all the people who lose their ability to pay due to inflation. The sector will crash, the Ponzi Scheme will erupt and the banks will lose trillions of dollars of debt they use as leverage to buy securities to ammass their extreme wealth. This, solely, will lead to the greatest economic disaster since the Great Depression. Be wary, though there is a lot of time before this happens, I just wish to warn others.

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