Should We Buy the Dips?

There is no doubt that recessions make big winners and these dips look like the perfect time to get invested. For those who are looking to enter or looking to add more to their portfolio, remember, buying the dips has never failed in our lifetime. We need to ask ourselves what is changing and will this really be the final nail that truly tanks the market or will it drop and restabilize, eventually surpasses futures numbers as it always seems to. Fundamenally, the Feds aren’t going to let the stock market plumet and will keep feeding easy money delaying the inevitable, hiking inflation to near record heights (their bogus tool for measurement is actually undercutting the significance as the current numbers are actually worse than the 70s in most measurements). Do you want your assets to be wiped out like the Feds are pushing for, for the money to then recirculate back to the top 1-2% who eventually most assets move towards or do you want to invest and reap the rewards of high inflation and cheap money. For these next few market cycles, live more frugale and put money in assets with risk on and off, diversify please! There is no doubt commodities are going to go sky high with the “energy crisis” sweeping the global markets. However, when equities fall, this is the time to pounce and capitilize. Do not forget stocks with cash flow and divideneds (My favorite for years now is Wells Fargo, but I am not a financial advisor :)). Get cash flow and hedge against the markets short term collapse so you can raise capital for the impending spike of new highs the market has never seen the likes of. Let’s hope the Ukraine crisis doesn’t needlessly take lives in the process of fueling the political war machine.

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